NC Patient Safety Coalition: Promoting Patient Safety; Lower Costs

The NC Patient Safety Coalition consists of medical professionals from across the state of North Carolina who are focused on protecting patients by ensuring continued access to physician-led care.  We educate voters, lawmakers, and other thought leaders about the cost, quality and safety benefits of physicians leading the patient care team.

In medical school, physicians are taught that a core principle in treating patients is to “first do no harm.”  This is a good principle for legislation as well.  Unfortunately, not everyone follows this guidance. 

Some North Carolina nursing groups are advocating for legislation that would eliminate physician involvement in patient care.  Essentially legislating the ability to practice medicine without going to medical school.  This is bad policy for many reasons.

Removing physicians from the patient care team would negatively impact patient safety, lead to higher costs, and would have minimal impact on access to care.   We look forward to educating legislators about the inherent problems with such a radical change and encourage them to preserve the physician-led care that North Carolina patients deserve and expect.

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