Who We Are

The North Carolina Patient Safety Coalition consists of medical doctors and members of the patient care team committed to expert training in providing the best care for patients. We are a group of physicians committed to protecting and improving medical outcomes for patients.

As doctors we have a great deal of education and expertise in patient care and safety. We are uniquely trained to address critical situations in the operating room, the delivery room, in the intensive care unit, and in the emergency room during a crisis. We also deliver the most efficient and accurate diagnoses to avoid unnecessary costs and deliver the best outcomes. We stand firm in our commitment to providing the best care to patients and oppose efforts to remove physician involvement from patient care.

Our Mission

Physicians Leading the Health Care Team

When it comes to receiving high-quality health care, patients expect physicians will be involved in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Health care is about fixing a problem. Patients expect the most qualified person – physicians with extensive training, education, and experience – to deal with the unexpected.

A national survey found 95% of US voters believe it is important for physicians to be involved in diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Additional research shows education, training, and experience are widely cited as essential to quality care, treatment, and diagnosis.

It makes sense! Patients pay insurance premiums and co-pays to “see a doctor.” Their belief and expectation is a doctor will be involved in diagnosing the problem and treating the medical issue.